Reiki therapy is one of the major wings of alternative therapy techniques based on the principle of channelizing energy into the patient by means of touch. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore / reestablish physical and emotional well-being.

REIKI is the Japanese word which means “Rei = Universal” and “Ki = Energy”.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing for resolving many health problems including stress reduction and relaxation.

It is administered by “placing healers hands” and is based on the idea that “life force energy” flows through us which is believed to be the reason for all existence in the universe. Therefore we can term Reiki as “spiritually guided life force energy.”


Life Force Energy:

It is the Energy that flows within the physical body though pathways called meridians and nadis. It is believed that the LFE enters through the Chakras then flows though the meridians and nadis to various vital organ / cells of the human body.

By practicing Reiki the disturbances in the flow of LFE can be reset / reestablished to attain positive health.

Practicing Reiki will bring amazing positive benefits in physical, mental and emotional health

Founder and great grand masters of REIKI

Mikao Usui

Chūjirō Hayashi

Hawayo Takata


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