Based on Indian Traditional Beliefs we all know that the universe is made consists Panchamaha Bhutas (Five elements) namely Fire, Air, Space / Wood, Earth, Water.

and our physical body too made of same. Therefore any change in the environment will have direct impact on our physical body too.

Nature cure is obeying the basic Laws of Nature to be healthy. It plays a major role in curing any health problems in the world. In Nature cure a cure is effected by balancing the Panchamaha bhutas.

We can say that Nature cure is nothing but going back to the lap of Mother Nature by changing the life style, food and thoughts.

Causes of Diseases

  1. Accumulation of morbid matters in the body
  2. Abnormal composition of the bloody and lymph
  3. Low vitality

Principles of Nature Cure

Nature cure is mainly based on

Morbid matter theory / accumulation of toxins in our body and Vitality.  Nature cure believes that the cause of any disease is accumulation of morbid matters in the body and if chance is given to remove the same provides a relief / cure.

There is method in nature cure to remove the toxins from the body like Enema, steam bath etc….

At an outset nature cure can be defined as a system / lifestyle of human being living with nature in harmony