The word Mudhra is a Sanskrit word which means “Gesture” or attitude. It is also defined a seal or circuit bypass. Mudhras are the combinations of physical and subtle movements that not only alters attitude, perception also deepens the awareness.

Hata yoga consider mudhra as a Yoganga, requiring subtle awareness.

Actually Mudhras are the higher practices which leads us in awakening of prana chakras. The posture / attitude adopted during the practice of mudhra make a direct link between the Annamaya, Pranamaya  and Manomaya kosha .

Types of Mudhras:

Mainly there are 5 groups of Mudhras

  1. Hasta Mudhra (Hand)
  2. Mano Mudhra (Head)
  3. Kaya Mudhra (Postural)
  4. Bandha Mudhra (Lock)
  5. Adhara Mudhra (Perineum)